Palladian Windows in Arlington, VA

Delight in fresh air in any weather with an awning window. An awning window is a great method to let in fresh air - even when it's drizzling.

While a palladian window may seem expensive, it is an excellent option for homes that want to add architectural interest. However, it won't stick out against plain decor because of its size. When it comes to selecting a palladium window, consider the color scheme, the view, and the style of your room. You'll have to find the right balance for the design, as you don't want the window to overpower your decor.

The curvy design of these windows allows you to use them to your full advantage. You can even hang sheers to block the view. You can also paint climbing plants around the window or screw in a weathered picket fence to provide a stunning focal point in the room. Another benefit of palladian windows is their bold style. If you're interested in decorating a tiny home, you may find this design to be very appealing.
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